Developer Tools

  1. Linux Mint: Linux Mint Download Page
  2. Oracle Virtual Box: Oracle Virtual Box Downloads Page
  3. RK3066/RK3188 Development Kitchen/Tool by Download
  4. RK3066/2918 Image Unpack/Repack Tool (Thanks Wendal from Slatedroid!): Download
    • NOTE: This download might get flagged as dangerous by your browser... it isn't.
    • All credit goes to Wendal from Slatedroid for this tool (I only made a few small changes): Link to Wendal's SLD Profile Page
  5. Jelly Bean Root Package: Download
    • "su" binary (goes in /system/bin)
    • "busybox" binary (goes in /system/bin)
    • file permissions will most likely need to be set for both the su and busybox files after copying them in, otherwise it probably won't work...
    • ESfileExplorer.apk (goes in /system/app)
    • SuperSu.apk (goes in /system/app)
  6. Jelly Bean Application Package: Download
    • All files go into "/system/app" directory
    • asus.apk (asus weather widget)
    • GalleryGoogle.apk (this is the version of gallery that has Picasa online album integration, install it side-by-side with jelly bean's gallery program)
    • GenieWidget.apk (famous Nexus news/weather widget)
    • LatinIME.apk (the default and very good Jelly Bean keyboard)
    • LatinImeDictionaryPack.apk (additional English language dictionary pack for keyboard auto-complete)
    • Launcher2.apk (pure JB launcher, pulled from Ployer Momo 12)
    • RkExplorer.apk (basic/easy file explorer)
    • RkVideoPlayer.apk (basic/easy media player)
    • SoundRecorder.apk (basic sound recorder)
    • GoogleMusic.apk (Google Play Music application)
  7. Jelly Bean Adobe Flash Support Package: Download
    • Google did a rather silly thing and pulled flash support from Jelly Bean. This package will let you add it back in. It includes the old Google "Browser" mobile internet browser app (which supports flash) and also includes "flashplayer". Both files need to go in "/system/app" directory and flash will now work. Just for reference, the google "Chrome" mobile browser still will not work with flash. But "browser" will as will many third party browsers like Boat Browser Mini and Dolphin.
    • flashplayer
    • Browser.apk
  8. List of Common Linux Terminal Commands Coming soon....
  9. List of Typical System Application Files for Jelly Bean Firmware: Link
  10. Rockchip RK3066 Jelly Bean Kernel Source Code (yes, really...): Download
  11. Free Download Manager Program: Download
    • Connections to some Chinese manufacturer firmware download sites are VERY unstable and slow...
    • This makes getting firmware from those sites very frustrating...
    • This is a free download manager program that can resume downloads when that unstable connection breaks and may even speed up the download...
    • SOURCE:

More direct downloads coming soon...