Top Notch Tablets Release 1 - FNF iFive X2 ==ROMAN==

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Firmware Image File Download: 
iFive-X2-TNT-R1.zip351.98 MB
Stock Rom?: 
Custom Rom
Firmware Author: 
Install Type: 
Standard image
ClockWorkMod Recovery Built-In: 
Brief Description: 

Standard Image based on latest stock version 1.18 release 09/16

All of the normal goodness included...

- Stock Fast Launcher
- Rooted
- Build.Prop modded which definitely results in wider market access (Can now access more gameloft games like Wild Blood)
- Custom Background
- Custom Boot Animation
- Stock Recovery Environment for MAXIMUM Stability
- All Chinese Junk Removed (there is a weather app on the lock screen still but you can remove that)
- Loaded up with some useful apps such as ES File Explorer, Google Music, SuperSU(free).
- EST Timezone Set
- English Language Pre-Set
- English Dictionary Fix installed alongside Improved Google Keyboard with Swype
- Changed default browser home screen to the Top Notch Tablets Paid Search page - If you like free firmware releases like this one, please considering using it as it is an easy no-cost-to-you way to support my work!

Android Version: 
Jelly Bean 4.2
iFive X2