Ployer Momo 12 SlimMod v1.1

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Custom Rom
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CWM flashable image
ClockWorkMod Recovery Built-In: 
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- init.d support added - few performance and battery saving scripts have been added. Should be a bit smoother performance..
- added system control application in Settings
- clock from android 4.2
- switched to PhabletUI - backup to TabletUI .zip included
- integrated LMT launcher from nonename81 from xda which allow you to have pie and gesture controls;
- integrated Power Toggles from Painless Death for great toggles at status bar;
- integrated Build.Prop Editor from Nathan Campos for build.prop tweaking;
- Last Google Apps for 4.1.2 android included in flashable zip;
- boot animation is fairly simple and therefore boot should be faster.
INSTALLATION instructions for v1.1
- wipe data/factory reset
- wipe cache (just in case)
- wipe dalvik cache
- flash
- flash
- reboot
- IMPORTANT!!: CWM will warn you that ROM will try to install stock recovery on boot, and would you like to prevent that. You shoud say 'Go Back' and not 'Yes, prevent' - not in those words, but the point is you should pick last option, at the bottom, and not prevent installation of stock recovery, or at least as CWM understands it. It is a way to load Init.d scripts at boot.We cheat system to run them at boot as if they were installation of stock recovery.

- at first boot you will have to fill Google Sync - it will run in portrait mode because of Phablet interface (Nexus 7 like) but afterwards tablet will boot into landscape normaly.
- SlimMod Tools will ask for Superuser permission in the middle of Google Sync program, just grant it and it wont bother you no more.

...check forum thread for more info...
- based on Ployer's firmware update - 2012/11/10;
- root access;
- build.prop is original with performanse tweaks and default english language;
- Clockworkmod-based recovery modified by v6.0.2.8;
- added 'Reboot' and 'Recovery' buttons to Power Menu - 'Recovery' long press reboots into bootloader (flash mode);
- themed - thinner system bar with few new interesting system icons;


In archive included clockworkmod flashable mods:
- PhabletUI mod: Switch to Phablet user interface with same dpi;
- Blue system bar theme;

Backup zips included.

Android Version: 
Jelly Bean 4.1
Momo 12