New Server - New Adventures in Administration... (i.e. new bugs..)

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Our registration system was offline last week (little did we know) because I forgot to setup any mailing functionality on our new server. This is something that normally comes all setup on a shared hosting plan for you but when you are handling your own box from start to finish it is something you have to handle yourself. New server and a new education in server administration for me. Sorry!

This has since been fixed and we deleted all of the accounts that were created but couldn't receive emails (therefore were never able to initially login).

Paypal Donation Links - Done!

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When you upload a rom it is now very easy to solicit paypal donations for your work. Simply enter the email address associated with your paypal account into the "Firmware Author Paypal Email" entry box and a donate link will be created for you once you are finished submitting the rom! easy as that :). Anyone that clicks on the link will be taken to a secure page hosted by paypal where they can send you donation from their paypal account. This is a completely free service provided by Rockchipfirmware and we take no money off the top.