Facebook Sign-in now supported!

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If you want to sign-in on to Rockchipfirmware.com using your facebook account you now can! This makes it even easier for anyone to upload firmware! Just hit the "connect" button on the login form!

Please note if you have an existing account and have already uploaded firmware that this effectively creates a new/separate account and you will not be able to edit/modify your existing uploads (as those are under your old account). You can contact me though if you want to switch to using FB and I can transfer ownership of content to your new FB account.



APK repository soon to be ADDED!

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Right now we just collect firmware (whole roms) for Android devices...

Soon though, oh so very soon.... I will be creating a new object type so folks can start uploading APK files!

I get so sick of stupid upload/download sites that make you wait 30 seconds to download or pay for a premium account :(... Silly. For a site you are going to maybe download from once?

Anyhow, I am all for no hassle downloading and soon I will be expanding our offerings to APK files as well.