NEW FEATURE! Resumable File Uploads ... at last!

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One of the big headaches with Rockchipfirmware and barriers to people uploading has been the instability of the file upload feature. Basically, if you have a large file you need to upload (larger than say 100 MB) and a slow upload speed it can take a very long time to upload the file. Then, when you go to submit your final upload page, things can break and you lose your file upload. No longer!

Got Spammed - New Measures in Place - I apologize for the headache

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Let me explain something really quickly here...

This sites runs Google Ads. Google Ads pay the bills and keep the site alive. Believe it or not, hosting a site like this isn't free and it also takes time. Right now, you might notice the Google Ads are gone. That is because the site fell prey to spammers, Google saw a bunch of pages with what appeared to be copyrighted content on them (never ever ever endorsed by Rockchip Firmware!) and pulled our Ads down. Which means we aren't making any money right now and the site is simply costing money.