Improved Upload Options

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If you have a lot of roms to upload please email me at We are now offering a faster FTP upload method for heavy contributors to the site as well as some other creative methods of uploading files. If you have 5 or more roms that you would like to add to our archives here, give me a shout.

For all of our other contributors, we have also improved the standard file upload module, it should be a little easier to use (drag and drop functionality now) a bit faster, and a bit more reliable.

Would you flash that?

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The short answer is "yes!"

And if we would flash it, we will also host it!

If the device has a Rockchip processor as it's primary chipset, then we will take firmware for it. Be it a tablet, android "tv box," blue-ray player, or smart-tv, if it is using a rockhip processor we will take firmware for it. If you have it, upload it, it doesn't cost you anything but your time and it will probably help someone else out!

Thanks New Uploaders

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Just wanted to give a quick shout out to some of the folks who have recently contributed roms!

So cheers to Kubelas, Cyrux_Spike, Lostech, Cherbet, Hellatruvios and Cass1977!

Thanks so much for keeping this site live and active and helping other folks get those hard-to-find roms for their devices!

If you downloaded and benefited one of the roms provided by one of these kind folks, consider sending them a few dollars via paypal if they included a donation link!